Cowards Die a Thousand Times Before Their Death – A John Mahama Story

It has long been argued that useless people resort to all sorts of manipulation to achieve their main aim of spreading injustice and evil across the lands of the living. They resort to chicanery, intimidation, racial bigotry, and nauseating tactics that inadvertently fly right back into their faces.

It cannot be said that they carry any ray of hope in the farthest of tunnels let alone claim that they may conjure magic when the magic has already been sparked by His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo in the process of putting back the pieces of a broken country made redundant by John Mahama’s useless policies, inept management of the economy, and narcissism characterised by gross indiscipline, corruption, and a general sense of disloyalty, lack of patriotism, colossal corruption, and sickening apathy towards the suffering of the masses.

Let me drive you to Kintampo, a trade terminus between the North and the South of Ghana, up to Babatokuma, Soronuase, Alhassan kuraa, Dawadawa Nos. 1 and 2, and others at the banks of the Black Volta at Buipe. Those communities have been lied to and deceived almost beyond redemption. An NDC man complained to me a few days ago while I was there that John Mahama and his NDC criminals have taken this vote bank for granted to the extent of insulting their faculties by saying that even if the NDC fields a monkey to stand as MP, the people will vote for it.

It was harrowing just listening to the account of this man, who reeked of profuse poverty. Suddenly, I became angry and impatient with the idiots of the NDC that I could not contain the bubble that inflated in my bosom.

John Dramani is campaigning to be a #DeadGoat at Jubilee House once again. This man had to call people away from Church on the Sunday before handing over to President Akufo-Addo just to sign off Ghana’s 650 billion US Dollar bauxite deposits to his brother Ibrahim in order to create an “insufferable” Mahama Dynasty, that same Ibrahim who gave Ghana customs 44 dud cheques to clear his luxury vehicles worth millions of US Dollars; an unholy story of corruption and thievery!

John Dramani Mahama cancelled Teacher Training Allowances, a wicked move implemented by his education minister then, now running mate, Madam Jane Opoku-Agyemang, and paid them just three months dues out of an accumulated debt of 36 months. Akromofo!

John Dramani Mahama went on a tour of the CNN with a 60 man entourage to New York at a humongous cost to the State of $6 million US Dollars. He resurfaced the runway of Kumasi Airport at an astronomic cost of $29 million US Dollars. Ewie, wooo, akromfo!

John Dramani Mahama gave his friend Roland Agambire a contract worth tens of millions of US Dollars, which he appended his signature to on January 6 2017, one day before handing over Power to President Akufo-Addo. If this is not witchcraft and a desperate last ditch attempt to steal from the national coffers, then the understanding is that he tried all that he could to tighten the noose around the incoming NPP government that has now relegated him into the septic tank of history!

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Cowards Die a Thousand Times Before Their Death – A John Mahama Story
Cowards Die a Thousand Times Before Their Death – A John Mahama Story

John Mahama has insulted the faculties of many tribes in Ghana both verbally and politically. Other than the name calling of the Akyems and his daring attempt on the honour of Ashantis, he totally neglected the Volta Region during his eight years as Vice-President and President. But, then again, it is not too surprising given his sore attitude towards the people of Bole-Bamboi where he hails from. He neglected them painfully too! Examples of verbal abuse: “Ashantis are ungrateful. Even if I lay their roads with gold they would not appreciate!”; “Akyem Sakawa people”; “Ghanaians speak Baloney!”, and so on and so forth! In all that he kept faith with homosexuals, sexualists, boozers, and all those who danced to the rhythms of corruption and debauchery. He even imported a compatriot from Lagos, Dele Momodu, to accompany him on his rounds, internationally and locally! I just wonder what kind of a gay person this fatso would make especially that you could float a fishing canoe on his lips. Eiish!

John Mahama campaigned in a helicopter hopping from place to place because he did not want his bones to rattle along the non-existing eastern and western corridors that looked beautiful in his Green Book of lies, but deadly in reality, yet when the current Aviation Minister was invited on board a helicopter by the Minister of Defense to go to Bolgatanga with him, this same maverick of idiocy, John Mahama, raised rubble that the Minister was using state property for his personal chores; a distasteful comment by all means!

John Mahama is seeking to be given another mandate to fix his mistakes, but truth is that his mistakes were daily disasters over a period of 8 solid years. This is the man, who had the audacity to tell the whole nation that he had chewed all the meat and left the bones, only for him to reflect on the bones soon enough, saying that he had chewed them too. What a political cannibal!

John Mahama’s story shall continue in this series until I am able to tell half of it! The other half will be put into a compendium of a more intriguing kind, or maybe I just might continue to tell as it is, albeit one of infinite banzanchi!



By Fadi Dabbousi


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