Dele Momodu Incites Nigerian Authorities against #EndSARS Movement

#PrayForNigeria, this is a hashtag adopted by the good people of Ghana in support of their brethren in Nigeria who are suffering the worst brutalities by the very forces that were mandated to protect them. It has not been an easy feat trying to co-exist with security forces that are on a perpetual rampage in Nigeria, perpetrating the worst form of human rights violations in this 21st century.

The unfortunate dilemma that Nigerians have to contend with is a fanciful prostitute group of bandit media houses under the cover of prestigious magazines and elite media engagements. They have no sense of regard to the commoner and would propagate the profligacy of the rich for some green dollars even if, by their actions, the citizenry have to suffer the torment, and mayhem visited upon them in the process. They have thrown the ethics and morals of journalism, an hounourable profession they were supposed to have embraced out of patriotism, to the dogs. That is the resulting irony, which is bringing death and destruction across Nigeria, in a shameful attempt to cover the behinds of the elite.

It is best known that Dele Momodu runs in the circles of Nigeria’s mighty and wealthy. There are many allegations of his shenanigans where secret photos and videos of Nigerian celebrities and politicians are his trump cards for the continual flow of money into his pocket. Word has it that former President John Mahama had long fallen into the traps of this mammal. As a result, the former has turned into a puppet in the hands of Dele Momodu. Given this scenario, John Mahama employs him to do his dirty work, and pays top dollar for the gutter services rendered.

Ghanaians have not forgotten the allegations in 2015 that Dele Momodu had become John Mahama’s confidant, using our Presidential Jet to fly all over West-Africa as if he rather was the President of Ghana. I am well informed that he laundered hundreds of millions of US Dollars of Ghana’s money of which he had an appreciable percentage. How can that be disputed when there was a similar allegation that for one dirty story, John Mahama paid him one million Ghana Cedis? How can that be disputed when John Mahama had allegedly allowed the Governor of Bank of Ghana at the time, Abdul-Nashiru Issahaku, to carry loads of the people’s money in Ghana-must-go bags to distribute to trouble-makers, murderers, and ballot thieves in a frantic attempt to change the course of destiny that ultimately propelled Nana Akufo-Addo to the Presidency, an affair from which Dele Momodu was not far?

Dele Momodu is the curse of journalism and the disgusting magazine that he produces. The thieves in the upper echelons of Nigerian society, the criminal politicians, and other criminal stake holders fighting over the people’s resources are well protected by this villain, Dele Momodu. In spite of the millions he makes getting his vagabond comrades to feature in his magazine, the number of copies he prints are woefully inadequate.  Dele Momodu is a treasonable character whose presence within the parameters of a country is likely to create a mess. He stokes the cinders and creates a wave of intolerable propaganda that may have an adverse effect on people.

But then again, what does he have to lose? His moneys are well stashed away in foreign banks. Is it any wonder that Nigerians have dragged him for being too loud on lewd entertainment programmes, but dead silent on the “End SARS” movement? The best that is said about him in this instance is that he “may” be in support of “Soro Soke” a Yoruba term meaning, “Speak Up”! What a flatulent paradox!

Taking advantage of the turmoil in Nigeria, Dele Momodu’s recent movements have been in favour of those who paid top dollar, according to snippets that are making the rounds and published online. He does not care if his greed-driven actions start a civil war that may inevitably harvest thousands of heads so long as the dollar pipe is not turned off.

There are many allegations of his impropriety and possible links to trouble makers across the West-African sub-region. His links in Ghana will be scrutinized. Stay tuned for word on his underwater affair with the Western Togoland rebels, which is supposedly being funded by the NDC. John Mahama’s comments on them and their response are mere attempts to camouflage the dirty tricks being played against President Akufo-Addo and the NPP in a manner as to cause disaffection. That is futility flying right back into the faces of the NDC hooligans, and Dele Momodu, whose half kilo lips need special carryon bubbles to keep them afloat!


By Fadi Dabbousi


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