KAN DAPAAH: Nationalizing Lies, Deceit and Chicanery is Appalling, Annoying and Blood-boiling

I am a Citizen.

I am a whistle blower with a known face and address.

Over the past weeks I have been silent as I have observed social distancing from the Military, Secutity and Intelligence Community in line with COVID-19 Restrictions imposed by the fiat of my respected Retired and Tired President Billy Akufo-Addo.

However, I am flummoxed by an apparent nationalization of lies, deceit, chicanery by KAN DAPAAH, Minister of National Security, in the matter of the auctioning of properties of a beleaguered Citizen of Ghana, Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

I wish to invite all Citizens to interrogate the contents of a Minister of National Security letter, reference number NSS 129/1/1437 of 4th March, 2020 titled, AUCTIONING OF PROPERTIES-ALFRED AGBESI WOYOME.

Kan Dapaah wrote to the Attorney General of the Republic of Ghana that, “the auctioneer tasked with auctioning the properties (of Alfred Agbesi Woyome) has indicated his inability to successfully execute the task because potential buyers are afraid among other reasons that the properties may be restored to Mr. Woyome by the State in future.”

“In view of the above, it has been decided that the properties be surrendered to the State to obviate the need for an auction. We shall be grateful if you can take the necessary steps to have the above decision effected,” stated Kan Dapaah.

The questions that immediately arise are simple:

What steps will the Attorney- General take in this matter?

Will the Attorney-General go to Court to argue for the Supreme Court to vary its judgment so that Woyome’s properties can be seized and handed over to Kan Dapaah and his National Security Operatives?

Who is the Auctioneer and what objective reasons and advice did s/he provide for Kan Dapaah to attempt to capriciously use state power to take over the properties of a Citizen in the face of a clear judgement of the Supreme Court of Ghana?

Further checks revealed that the auctioneer whose advice Kan Dapaah referenced is DELA AKPEY, who is said to have been appointed a Government Licenced Auctioneer by a respected Female Attorney- General of Ghana.

Further checks are underway to establish whether Dela Akpey is the same Dela. Akpey, a former student of Kpando Bishop Herman School and mate and friend of a celebrated Accra Lawyer.

Respectfully, will any close associate or family member or friend of Alfred Agbesi Woyome find out from him whether Dela Akpey once- upon-a-time worked with Woyome and therefore could be loaded with plenty insider information about Woyome’s operations?

Who was it who sang in twi that if you do good to a person in need, you must collect a receipt?

Answers to some of the above questions will help in analyzing and understanding the contents of what appears to be an obnoxious letter Dela Akpey wrote to Kan Dapaah, Minister of National Security, dated 7th February, 2020, titled, APPLICATION FOR NATIONAL SECURITY TO PURCHASE WOYOME AUCTION HOUSES.

What a tragic comedy?!

Act 1 Scene 1: Enter Akpey as a nominated Government Licenced Auctioneer of properties of Alfred Agbesi Woyome in line with a Supreme Court Order.

Akpey showed his intent and interest by writing to State Security stating that he is unable to “realise the campaign promise of his (sic) Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana,” because nobody wants to purchase Woyome’s properties, inspite of all the adverts placed in the newspapers.

What?!! Unbelievable!!

Akpey provided what appears to be farcical reasons for his failure to auction Woyome’s properties:

(1). Some fear these houses are “OCCULTIC HOUSES.”

(2). Potentional buyers are cautious to buy and think there is a probability of takeover in future.

(3). Some buyers told Dela Akpe that their lawyers had advised them not to risk buying any property associated with Woyome.

(4). The reasons for not buying (Woyome’s properties) are countless.

ACT 1, Scene 2: Enter Dela Akpey with his collusion with State Security to realise the campaign promise of His Excellency the President of Ghana.

Akpey stated that as a result of his disappointment with the potential buyers, he decided to appeal to the National Security of Ghana
to buy the houses of Alfred Woyome.

He wrote, “Sir, I am now proposing that National Security consider purchasing Residential Property No 372/2 of Cocam Crescent, Kpehe, Plot No. 259 Americ Court Trasaco Phase II, (and) Head Office of Anator Holding at East Legon.”

ACT 1 Scene 3: Dela Akpey a Government Licenced Auctioneer morphed into a Security Advisor to Kan Dapaah when he stated, “I have very strong views to believe that a decision to purchase and house your men in one or two of these properties will enhance information gathering and speed of movement into other areas of the city of Accra where you wish to conduct operations.”

I cringe!!!

Act 1 Scene 4: The denouement.

Take a bow, Dela Akpey.

Take a bow, National Security Minister, Kan Dapaah.

The attempt by Kan Dapaah to use State Power to nationalize lies, deceit, chicanery in the aictioning of Woyome’s properties is appalling, annoying and blood-boiling.

Fellow Citizens, when did the rain start beating us into silence under the Government of President Akufo-Addo?

Owula Mangortey
25th May, 2020.

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