Let’s Pray for God to touch Mahama’s Heart to pick Eric Opoku as running mate – Collins Dauda

Eric Opoku has been very outspoken in Parliamnet regarding debates in the House? He always backs his debates with facts and figures, bringing out hidden facts, thus earning him the name “Bomb Thrower”.

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Member of Parliament (MP) for the Asutifi South constituency, Hon. Alhaji Collins Dauda has urged friends, Family members, well wishers and the good people of Ahafo to pray fervently for his colleague, MP for Asunafo South, Eric Opoku to enable the Almighty God to touch the heart of H.E John Dramani Mahama to choose him (Eric) as his running mate.

“What will be more edifying, beautiful and glorious than our own, Eric Opoku to be chosen as running mate for the 2024 election?” Alhaji, as he is affectionately called, asked amidst spontaneous applause from the teaming crowd gathered there.

This happened last Wednesday September 12, 2023 at the church of Pentecost Auditorium, where the NDC Minority Caucus in Parliament had caused a meeting of Chiefs, Queen mothers, farmer-groups and party faithful to explain to them the recent producer price of cocoa announced by the President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo.

The Caucus comprised Minority Leader Dr. Cassiel Ato Baah Forson, Hon. Alhaji Collins Dauda, Hon. Eric Opoku and some former MPs as well as NDC’s Sammy Gyamfi.

According to the Minority Caucus, the producer price of cocoa as announced by the President did not only fall below expectation but also insulting and cheating to cocoa farmers.

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They maintained that the most acceptable price should have been GH¢2,500 per bag instead of the GH¢ 1308 peanut given them (farmers) subsequently they will do all within the limits of their ability to force government pay farmers their fair price by adding their balance to them. Alhaji pointed out that “The child that refuses to allow his mother to sleep, also suffers an equally sleepless night!” attracting thunderous applause from the teaming crowd.

He stated that until the Nana Akufo-Addo led NPP Government paid farmers their due and fair producer price of Cocoa, they in Parliament will never allow it (NPP) to see peace.

According to him, the NPP, while in opposition, had criticized the Mahama led NDC Government of treating farmers unfairly; the free fertilizer, free mass spraying payment of bonus to then (farmers) notwithstanding.

He stated that it is only during the reign of NDC Government that farmers feel happy as the records show from Rawlings era through the Mills/ Mahama eras. “But each time the  NPP comes to power they mess up things. “So you should pray that Mahama comes back to restore your happiness once more!” Attracting thunderous cheers from the frenzy crowd.

Eric Opoku Is Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Humble

Touching on his proposed running mates characteristics, Alhaji noted that God bestows on people wisdom, knowledge, and insight to certain people for a particular group or place at a particular time. He was quick to point out that one such person as Eric Opoku who he described as sagatious, knowledgeable, affable, humble and respectful, stressing that it was against this background that he was urging his (Eric’s) own to pray for his choice to H.E John Dramani Mahama as his most appropriate running for 2024.

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He was full of praise for Eric Opoku on his outspokenness, coupled with factual on political issues, especially matters in Parliament as far as debate on Budget statements are concerned. He is on record to have revealed that now Ghana import cassava (Manioc) from china and other Western European Countries.

The man Eric Opoku

Eric Opoku has been very outspoken in Parliamnet regarding debates in the House? He always backs his debates with facts and figures, bringing out hidden facts, thus earning him the name “Bomb Thrower”. During the recent Parliamentary probe into the leaked IGP tape, Eric Opoku is always seen and heard asking probing and mind-boggling questions.

He was once the Regional Minster for the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions simultaneously during the Mills/ Mahama led NDC Governments this portion he held effectively to the admiration of many. As a result of his affability’s, Eric Opoku has been the toast of many in parliament- workers and the Press alike earing him the name “Dollarization” (by workers) and “Today” no news “By the Members of the Parliamentary Press Corps (PPC).
He is on record to have revealed that Ghana imports cassava (Manioc) and Tapioca from china and other Western European countries.

Leave Mahama Alone – Ato Forson

Taking his turn to address the people, Minority Leader in in Parliament Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson bemoaned the fact that when former President Mahama makes the slightest comment on any national issues his critics take him to the cleaners. He pointed out that as former president of the country he has mush stake in national issues, if not more than any other. Therefore his current views on the producer price of cocoa should not be taken  for granted, This is because he has once been at the helms of affairs in the country before He therefore knows he what takes about at a particular time. He pointed out that when a tonne of cocoa was sold for $2600 NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo in opposition then said so He maintained that when President Mahama was in power much was about him (Mahama) regarding cocoa prices. So now, if the price has gone that high, what prevents him as former president from talking about it?

He argued that with the current price and the meagre payment by government to farmers, it is depriving them of GH¢ 1500 on each bag. “And you can imagine how GH¢ 1500 on ten (10) bags can cause you! “He exclaimed.

According to him, with devaluation of cedi, inflation and constant price hikes in goods and services, it makes nonsense of the current price increment, stressing that until the right price is paid the cocoa farmer by government the Minority in Parliament will not relent in their fight for the cheated farmer.

Good Roads!

It came to the fore that the Asutifi North leaks seriously behind as far as good roads are concerned especially those leading Mehamye, Kwarpong, Goso Dadiesoaba and beyond. The plight of these roads had been worsened by the down pour for that days as manholes on these roads were filled with water there by making them just impassable. Any help for the area, which ironically abounds in the production of cash and food crops – Cocoa, cashews, palm trees, coconut trees, timber, plantain, cassava, cocoyam, also maize, rice, groundnuts and vegetables of all kinds?

By S.O. Ankamah B/R




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