A cup of Hot Cocoa for the NDC Flagbearer John Mahama

It is quite unnerving that a hitherto era of unprecedented corruption, thievery, and leeching on Ghana’s resources under John Mahama’s Presidential term that manifested by way of sheer serendipity would be claimed to have been the best ever. What baloney, to borrow John Mahama’s term!

Recently, I heard the former President make a lot of noise in an attempt to unsettle the focused hierarchy of Cocobod especially Joseph Boahen-Aidoo whose tenure, thus far, has been one of fantastic success. The bitter truth that John Mahama is unable to swallow is that he was an abysmal failure on all sides except the womanising aspect of his private life that he dragged shamelessly to the Jubilee House.

In the cocobod report that he demanded to see, a 260 page document that is impossible to publish in the dailies and which is at his disposal anytime he wishes to have, many damning revelations were made. To cite just a small act of unguarded stochasticity under the leadership of NDC’s Dr Opuni for example, a cocoa road contract at Sefwi included a condition that a bungalow be built by the contractor for the site engineer at Nungua in Accra. What has Nungua got to do with Sefwi? How would an engineer or engineers work out of a bungalow at Nungua to supervise a road construction at Sefwi, some 600 kms away?

This is the kind of malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance that characterised the unpatriotic nature of John Mahama’s Presidency for which reason he was sacked humiliatingly by the good people of Ghana. The sad thing is that he advocated a strict opposition to the Free SHS, which he claimed would never be ready for implementation before 20 years. He sought by his unwise disposition to disenfranchise the children of the poor cocoa farmers who, today, as a result of the astuteness of President Akufo-Addo’s free SHS policy, have been relieved of school fees, food for the children, stationeries, uniforms, admission and examination fees, and sundries!

In a sudden U-turn, John Mahama now claims to have started free SHS in order to take the shine away, albeit futilely, from His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, the visionary president who begun it all. In his inconsistencies, John Mahama has cemented the opinion of the electorate that he is no good as President and will never be good at that, not only because he does not know how to be a wise leader, but because he is an opportunist, who has said time and again that a main feature in his campaign is the telling of lies. He admitted on national television that whenever he campaigns he mixes lies with a bit of truth in order to win sympathy votes!

Ghanaians have heard and seen him in the many ways that he has carried himself. They have come to realise that not only is he incompetent, he is an unrepentant liar, too!

The Cocoa story under his tenure as President saw the worst rampage of the cocoa farmers’ moneys and rights. Farmers were sold chemicals in tots, and killer fertiliser was forced on them. I am told that the cocobod CEO at the time, Dr Opuni, ordered calcium fertiliser powder from Germany for pittance. Then he set up a mixing plant at Spintex to dissolve the powder into a solution that was sold to government at exorbitantly back-breaking prices! John Mahama claimed that he was dishing out free fertiliser. The farmers would have been much better off without the poisonous sub-grade fertiliser, most of which was smuggled to neighbouring countries. Less than 30% of farmers got free fertiliser, which they regretted using anyway!

Dr Opuni was, allegedly, Lordina Mahama’s boy! He did what he pleased, and even John Mahama did not have control over him because Madam Lordina was the ground shaker at the time! Who was Dr Opuni’s errand boy? You guessed right; supposedly, Seidu Agongo!

Cocobod became a pathetic institution under John Mahama. It was said that you could not get a contract even if you bid for it unless Seidu Agongo blessed your document. They shared in almost every contract awarded, like stealthy thieves who struck and vanished before anyone could bat an eye!

And John Dramani Mahama has the audacity to call for the publishing of the 260 page report in the dailies? It indicts him in the first place! Moreover, his lack of vision and imprudence caused a huge economic mess that saddled the NPP government from the onslaught. John Mahama is only good at cracking a joke over a glass of brandy and some unholy tobacco!


By Fadi Dabbousi



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