Threatening Ghana with Terrorism is not Healthy for our Democracy

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Nevertheless, in spite of the turbulent nature of politics, Ghana has survived the rambunctious dispensation of our democracy as it metamorphosed from infancy to childhood to these rebellious teenage times of growth. Even though this democracy is a healthy one, there is a rather fearful concern about certain developments in its Ghanaian home.

Since the advent of the fourth republic, we have not been spared the loud clanking of cantankerous NDC apologists who have not watered down their thirst for upheaval and chaos. In almost everything they say or do, there is that element of threat of instability, a factor they always make provision for no matter the mood.

More bamboozling is the attitude of NDC MPs who cheat the nation in almost every way possible, taking double salaries and lying atrociously in public. They hate criticism! They hate to hear the call from Ghanaians on them to submit to probity and accountability. Such supposedly learned folks will not hesitate to remind Ghanaians that they have no shame! They do not hide their contemptuous will to go the extra length to create pandemonium and wreak havoc in their own interest while arguing deceptively in public that it may become necessary for the survival of their constituents.

Of course, nothing and nobody will survive if anything of this nature happens.

Lately, effusions coming from the buccales and buccaux of NDC urchins point in the direction of terrorism. That is treason, no matter how dressed up the witch is! Akamba of the NDC has made terrible vituperations so many times that he can win an award in hatred, yet a mightier award is one that he should be given for exhibiting foolishness and ignorance about electricity, arguing that the word is megabyte instead of megawatt.

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The point of aggravation comes when a hyena of the NDC, Peter Otokunnor, sits on a live TV show to warn, threaten, and insult the peace that we enjoy in Ghana. Otokunnor must be arrested and kept in the kennels of the security agencies because his rabid disposition is not healthy to Ghana’s democracy. Threatening to stop the voter registration of qualified students, he seems to have bitten more than he can chew by threatening mayhem in a bid to disrupt the system. Other dogs of the NDC sit on radio and talk as if they are above the law, forgetting so soon that the same attitude landed them in jail, which term was, of course, remitted by way of a petition to their chief apologist, John Mahama, that was signed by many hypocrites like his recently out doored running mate, the incompetent Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang and Nana Oye Lithur, the same people who tout advocacy for feminism, but have total disregard for women; “Bloody Widow” and total silence on the threat to kill and rape Supreme Court Justices to mention a few!

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Why Ghana’s security apparatus does not make any move to arrest those terrorists baffles me. The distasteful comments and assertive threats of chaos and terrorism are not healthy to our democracy. Really, they must be rounded up and incarcerated in the witch camps. There are no witches in Ghana, but there are unsound villains who may cause mayhem thinking they are playing “Zombie Attack” on “Play station 4” because they are always high and on dangerous drugs.

I remember an episode that made the rounds in early January 2017 that gives me the chills. It was said that some few days to handing over the mantle of power to President Nana Akufo-Addo, the then outgoing President John Dramani Mahama had let loose a stratocracy from the military to besiege Accra, which would create the premise for a State of Emergency, that would result in the suspension of the constitution thus giving the NDC indefinite stay in Power. Snippets had it that it took a call from the US Embassy to stop the perpetration of this treason.

I cannot be convinced that John Mahama and his cohorts do not have unnationalistic tendencies, and I cannot be convinced that they are not thieves, either! It is in defense of their booty and the drooling for more that is driving them up the peaks of frustration, knowing how well President Akufo-Addo and the NPP have handled the economy and bettered the general condition of the Ghanaian by instituting free education and feeless examinations; by revamping a once dysfunctional NHIS; by showing empathy during the covid-19 with free water and electricity; by delivering a massive road infrastructure drive; by setting up vehicle assembly plants employing Ghanaian labour; by creating industries that are dotted all over the country (1D1F); by driving a massive agricultural revolution (Planting for Food and Jobs); by conjuring massive support for and increasing the production of cocoa; by building water dams (1V1D); by instituting Covid-19 business stimulus packages; and so on and so forth.

How unpatriotic and traitorous can one be to want to cause commotion to destroy all that progress because of their own myopic visionless ideology that seeks to enrich the few and impoverish the masses? Oh Nooooo, never NDC again!


By Fadi Dabbousi

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