UN Petitioned over alleged Intimidation of Voltarians

A Ghanaian citizen has petitioned the United Nations Secretary General over perceived intimidation of Voltarians in Ghana by the Akufo-Addo led government. We publish the full petition below.

JUNE 28, 2020

Attn: UN Secretary-General, Antonio Gutterres.

Ghana Government Declares War On Volta Region Of Ghana, A Part Of Western Togoland Which Was A United Nation’s Trust Territory.

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the people of the Volta Region of Ghana and the entire United Nations (UN) Trust Territory (Western Togoland) both home and abroad, – a land of naturally accumulated deposit of significant and endowed with civilized human race.

I am exceedingly honored to bring you greetings and a message from the collective conscience of such civilized world.

The people of Western Togoland are of the hope and prayer that you and the great General-Assembly (United Nations) are free and safe from the Covid-19 pandemic and remain in good health.

Your Excellency,

Volta region of Ghana is part of the United Nations Trust Territory known as Western Togoland that was entrusted into the hands of the United Kingdom (UK) to be nurtured to independence.

When such time came, UK requested from the United Nations to make a union between Western Togoland and her colony, Gold Coast (now Ghana). United Nations granted the request and a letter (T1301) dated March 6, 1957 by Allan Noble the Minister of State for foreign affairs in the United Kingdom to the UN Secretary-General informing the Secretary-General of the United Nations that the Union between Western Togoland and Ghana has been effected on March 6, 1957.

Since 1957, the people of the Western Togoland especially Volta Region of Ghana have witnessed series of inhumane treatment, aggression, suppression and unbearable coercion from the various governments of Ghana.

These unacceptable behaviors have pushed the good people of Western Togoland to search for the Union Agreement to ascertain their rights and privileges under the union. It was then discovered that there was no union agreement. A further search revealed that the “so called union” was not established after all.

Your Excellency,

As if the above were not enough, from June 18, 2020, Ghana government had deployed heavily armed military men to the Volta Region to besiege the towns and villages of the region. Barriers are erected everywhere to prevent free movement of the people. Market women are prevented from going to the market, youth who are involved in petty trading are prevented from going about their daily businesses.

Women and children are terrified by the presence of heavily armed men who come to their homes for questioning and search them. The people cannot go out without being terrorized by the Military. Drones and military Helicopters are seen flying over the towns and the villages. School children who are on their way to school are being beaten mercilessly by the armed men unprovoked.

Homes of indigenes of the Volta Region are filled with tears and grinding teeth.

All these nefarious activities are ongoing in the region without the government of Ghana prior informing the people in the region.

The outcry of the people of the Volta Region has forced law makers in the governing circles to speak on the issue.

It is therefore astonishing to hear Hon. Kobina Tahir Hammond, a member of the Ghana parliament telling the media that the people of the Volta Region are not Ghanaians. http://ghanapoliticsonline.com/new-voter-register-voltarians-are-not-ghanaians-we-wont-allow-them-to-register-nppvideo/

For how long would the United Nations look on as the people of the Volta Region suffer in silence?

Since the union between Western Togoland and Ghana has not been effected, United Nations has not delivered on the purpose of the Trusteeship Council for which Western Togoland was part of. And for that reason, we find it inappropriate and disparaging for the United Nations to be quiet on the inhumane treatment her trust territory is receiving from Ghana.

It so upsetting to see matured and more meaningful, competent in all sphere of life people of Western Togoland to be ruled, marginalized and maltreated by moderate and clueless politicians of the Gold Coast (Now Ghana).

Even though we have chosen the path of civility and remain in our commitment to live within both international and local laws, our fear stems from the wailing and grinding teeth we hear and see in many homes of our land, might have push our impatient youth to choose the path of self-defense. When people are oppressed for a very long time, they turn into something you cannot imagine.

Your Excellency,

The people of the Volta Region and the entire Western Togoland have had enough of aggression and intimidation coupled with poor development and mismanagement of the trust territory by the Government of Ghana.

Thank you.

Seth Mifetu.





Africa Union.


ECOWAS Conflict Prevention Committee.

ECOWAS Parliament.

All media houses.



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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
  1. George says

    Congratulations. UN must understand that over the past three ythe Trust Territory had lots of her citizens caged by forces from Ghana for no crime! While ghanaGhanare busily abusing the human rights of the citizens, houses of ewes residents in the Bono Region along the Bui Dam were reduced to ashes because they are not Ghanaians and must leave the area, this is too much! Un must act now!

  2. Kkb says

    The government in power cannot understand the Ewe nation because they know they are stronger spiritually. What one cannot understand one fears and what one fears one hates. So why is the Ewe nation wasting time? Our warfare is not carnal. It is mighty through God to the pulling down of their strongholds. When they send their armed soldiers we will make them unconscious. Their armor will not respond to the trigger nor would their bombs explode. They will all fall unconscious with their eyes open. Then shall the whole world see who the owners of the land are. We are peaceful people.

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